Xperian is committed to Sustainable Enterprising

Xperian is committed to Sustainable Enterprising

By In News On 29/04/2016

Xperian is sponsoring OZG; Lets make a green desert!

Because OZG does something about the climate and simultaneously realize as much “added value” as possible for various stakeholders: Realisation of micro-economy for local populations, increase of food supplies, care for water management, stopping desertification, increase in biodiversity, reinforced education, a fostered voice for women in the capital and yielding a return for investors.

The new forests care for the incomes. Every year on end. This way, children can go to school, women can make a profit selling supplies excesses and manufacture forest products into baskets, mats, brushes, … Even men increase their yearly incomes selling cattle which gains about threefold their previous weight.

OZG cares for the return of the investment of its donors/investors (If those would care for it) thanks to the V.E.R. CO2-certificates (Voluntary Emission Reductions) provided by the new forests.

Briefly, win-wins for everyone. Each year on end, without additional costs and without structural subsidies. Who’s up to it?