We create online marketplaces and trading spaces that positively impact the organisations that use them and the environment that surrounds them.

– Managing Partner –

Online trading platform for electrical and electronic waste

Chipto encourages companies with surplus or waste materials to sell them rather than to dispose of them on landfills. This online marketplace is designed for trading recyclable, electronic and electrical materials. Sellers can post their batches on Chitpo’s online marketplace while buyers can search for the appropiate materials to recycle.

Connect with hundreds of buyers and sellers via our salt trading platform

Salt-trading.com is an online marketplace specifically designed for trading all kinds of salt. Sellers can post their batches of salt for sale while buyers can search for the appropiate lot or request a certain type and quantity of salt they wish to buy. Every organisation that is part of the salt industry can use this online platform to extend its reach and increase sales. Selling and buying salt is made easy on this 100% independent B2B marketplace.