Each card deck comprises 35 double-faced cards (90 x 150 mm) covering 8 strategic domains:


S-1  The purpose of an IT strategy

S-2  Strategic busines IT alignment

S-3  Concerns of the executive management

S-4  The role of IT within the organisation

S-5  Changing influencing factors

S-6  Map IT on business capabilities

S-7  Digital transformation

S-8  Integrating digital transformation


T-1  Adopt emerging technologies

T-2  Modular platforms and ecosystems

T-3  An optimal application landscape

T-4  Data analytics and business intelligence

T-5  Dealing with legacy systems


P-1  Strategic sourcing

P-2  Partnerships for accomplishing the IT strategy


G-1  IT-related goals

G-2  Integrating risks into strategy

G-3  Quality concerns affecting a strategy

G-4  Data governance

G-5  Embedding procurement into the strategy

G-6  Mergers and acquisitions

Service Delivery

D-1  IT services to excel at

D-2  Differentiated and layered IT services

D-3  Running smooth operations

  D-4  Target operating model


O-1  A centralised or decentralised IT

O-2  IT teams enhancing business agility

O-3  Effectively attracting and retaining talent

O-4  Fostering a positive culture

Portfolio & Value

V-1  IT asset investment strategy

V-2  Turning a cost centre into a profit centre

V-3  Building a convincing value proposition

V-4  Consolidation into a strategic portfolio

Wrap up

W-1  Pre-requisites for implementation

W-2  Wrapping up