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Digitalisation Roadmap

We design a blueprint that describes how the use of information and digital solutions will enhance your products and services.

Our team of digital experts identifies all opportunities that information and technology can provide to better serve your customers. We work with you on a digital blueprint and a future-proof action plan that will lead to improved products and services, enhanced cost control and increased revenue. Xperian’s modular Digital Framework facilitates and speeds up your presence in the digital economy.

Creating an optimal technology mix

Innovation has become a main driver for growth and part of an organisation’s DNA. We put emerging technologies on the radar in a constant search to further digitalise your internal processes and offer innovative products and services.

We combine the most suited solutions into a digital ecosystem that further automates your internal processes and improves the way in which you engage with customers. Different technology options and the smart use of the latest cloud solutions avoid that too much effort is put into complex and long-lasting implementations.

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Investing in what really matters

We focus on reducing your fixed costs and shift investments towards innovative initiatives that offer real business value.

A thorough analysis of your technology spending will indicate how financial means can be redirected towards more strategic and innovative initiatives rather than investing in basic infrastructure and transactional systems. We categorise IT costs into asset classes, each contributing to real business value.

We also help your organisation to increasingly opt for cloud solutions, moving from fixed to variable pay-per-use costs, whilst avoiding high customisation and integration effort.

Digital business solutions

Our suite of business solutions offers a modular yet integrated approach for digitally tackling all your business functions and processes.
In response to increasing customer requests for end-to-end solutions, we composed a set of integrated business applications that cover all your digital needs as well as future challenges. With this modular design and our rapid deployment, effort and costs are significantly reduced.
Xperian’s suite of digital business solutions offer a unique plug-and-play approach to digital innovation.

Who are we?

A multi-disciplinary team providing solutions to your digital challenges.
  • A partner in addressing your digital challenges
  • Driving the entire transformation trajectory, from design till implementation
  • 100% vendor independent, focused on ensuring your best interests
  • Reinforcing your team in managing innovative technology
  • Broad experience bridging different industries

Jan Verbruggen

IT Transformations

As managing partner at Xperian, Jan is creating a level playing field for corporates and SME’s so to fully exploit the benefits of the digital economy.

As a past interim and change manager, Jan focusses on objectives and applies a result-oriented approach. He developed a broad expertise in Banking and Insurances as well as in Telecom, Retail and Manufacturing, where he successfully ran multiple change programmes, often in international environments.

Jan is the author of theIT Strategy Cards, a publication that facilitates the design of future-proof IT strategies.

Yves Danneels

Engagement Expert

As a partner in Xperian, Yves assists organisations from the ideation to the implementation of their digital flows, with a focus on creating and maintaining trusted effective partner ecosystems.

As CIO of Crelan, Yves introduced cutting edge technologies and hybrid solutions. He has led the implementation of digital solutions for the Financial Markets and Loans Department and realised multiple IT transformations and complex migrations. Yves has a participative management style creating highly motivated cross-company teams.

Geert Van Hove

Digital Transformations

Geert enables digital transformations in companies that take full advantage of the digital economy. He guides them through their vital transition with a strong focus on customer experience.

Geert primarily uses technology to boost profitability, competitiveness & market share. He identifies opportunities to transform business models that bypass the fine-tuning of existing models and wins buy-in for sweeping cultural change. After various positions as VP, CIO and CTO, he has taken on roles going from digital transformation, transformational IT and shortening the time-to-market of services.

Carlo Wouters

Information & Data Strategist

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