Does your ICT orgchart
resemble this?


Or is it adapted to
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Fast-changing situations
dynamic organisation models

Re-thinking ICT organisations

It all starts with a future-proof IT Strategy

Strategy defines how we will succeed and focusses on how an organization will achieve its mission. The use of information and technology is crucial in achieving this goal.

IT no longer merely reacts to the business strategy but has become an integral part of the overall company strategy. The right expertise is used to look at opportunities that technology provides and the threats that it may create.

A growing number of business leaders understand the need for information and technology to be embedded in the business strategy, rather than adding it afterwards.

An organisation modelled to your needs

New types of teams, from cross-collaborative over ad-hoc to self-steering, are envisaged for increasing an organisations flexibility and ability to respond swiftly to sudden industry changes.

People with different areas of expertise are enabled to leverage their strengths for accomplishing team goals and facilitating knowledge-sharing. Project-based groups are formed and disbanded on a need-to-basis.

Employees move between groups based on their interests in projects and their skillsets. Organisations empower employees and introduce intrapreneurship into their culture.

IT costs optimised for meeting business objectives

IT budgets should be aligned with the strategy so that IT is able to realise a company’s objectives.

On the longer term, IT spending should move up the value chain with more means becoming available for strategic and innovative initiatives, offering competitive advantages, rather than for infrastructure and transactional systems.

Asset classes are to be optimised and managed efficiently. Organisations are increasingly opting for outsourcing to public or private cloud, shifting towards solutions on a pay-per-use basis and thus transfering Capex to Opex.

Introducing the optimal technology mix

Innovation has become a main driver for economic growth and should be part of every organisation’s DNA, putting emerging technologies on their radar in a constant search for innovating products and services.

Mobile- and cloud-first, buy-over-build, best-of-breed, adopt-rather-than-adapt, ecosystems, digital twins, are all trends that have put a landslide in motion.

Hybrid application landscapes seamlessly integrate legacy applications, of-the-shelf solutions and custom developed applications, making it more complex to define the landscape that best serves your particular needs.

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