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It all starts with a future-proof Digital roadmap

We draw a digital roadmap that describes how the use of information and digital technology will be crucial in achieving your objectives.

We identify opportunities that information and technology can provide, and indicate the threats it may create. We work with you on a realistic digital strategy and roadmap that will lead to improved products & services, enhanced cost control and increased revenue. Xperian’s modular Digital Framework facilitates and speeds up your presence in the digital economy.


Reducing costs and investing in what really matters

We focus on reducing your fixed costs and shift investments towards more innovative initiatives that offer real business value.

A thourough analysis of your company’s technology spending indicates how means can be pushed towards more strategic and innovative initiatives rather than to infrastructure and transactional systems.

We categorize your costs into asset classes to ensure these get managed in a more cost conscious and optimal way. We also help organisations to increasingly opt for cloud solutions, moving from fixed costs to variable pay-per-use costs, whilst avoiding high customisation efforts.

Introducing an optimal technology mix

Innovation has become a main driver for growth and should be part of every organisation’s DNA, putting emerging technologies on the radar in a constant search for innovating products and services.

We design your digital ecosystem that integrates those digital capabilities that are required to differentiate your services into the market and avoid their commoditisation. Different technology options and a smart use of the latest cloud solutions avoid that too much effort is put into cumbersome customisation.

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Building team structures that work

New types of teams, from agile to self-steering, are envisaged for increasing your organisation's flexibility and agility to respond swiftly to market changes and new challenges.

By combining people’s skills, expertise and strengths, we optimize your teams and advise on the agile organisation that is required to achieve your digital objectives and create the dynamic that is required to respond to ever faster changing market situations.

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The Team

Our multi-disciplinary team of 4 senior experts, each with a thorough expertise in their respective domain, addresses your challenges and brings alternative perspectives and practical solutions, leading to more cost-conscious decisions and choices.


  • Long-time experience bridging different industries
  • A sparring partner in addressing your most difficult challenges
  • 100% vendor independent, focused on ensuring your best interests at all times
  • Driving the entire transformation trajectory
  • Reinforcing your executive team in managing technology

Geert Van Hove

Digital Transformation

Yves Danneels

Engagement Expert

As a partner in Xperian, his aim is to assist you from the ideation to the implementation of your digital flows, with a special focus on installing and maintaining trusted effective partner ecosystems.

Yves started off in the distribution sector as an Internal Auditor @ Unilever and evolved towards an IT career through functions such as Sales Information & Customer Service Manager. In the financial services sector, he has led the development and implementation of new core software for the Back-Office Financial Markets, the same for the Loans Department (Front to Back); the introduction of a single source of truth Datawarehouse and became a perfect IT interlocutor for both the CFO and CMO.


As CIO/CTO of Crelan, reporting to the board (COO), he introduced cutting edge technologies and hybrid solutions. He has initiated and realized multiple IT transformations, core system migrations combining ERP package implementations & bespoke development and take-overs. Yves has a mainly participative leadership style and can create highly motivated cross company teams. Recently he has been focusing on program and project management applying, hands-on, methods such as PM2, PMBok & Agile (SAfe).

Carlo Wouters

Information & Data Strategist

Jan Verbruggen

IT Transformations

As a partner in Xperian, Jan aims to create a level playing field for corporates and SME’s to fully exploit the benefits of the digital economy by combining the senior expertise of Xperian’s partners.
Jan has a career-long background in information technology with a broad expertise in change management to the benefit of the organisations he has been assigned to.
His business knowledge has grown quite diverse and is situated mainly in Banking and Insurances, as well as in Telecom, Retail and Manufacturing, often in an international context. In defining and executing digital transformation programmes he applies a strong result-oriented approach whilst keeping focus on motivating and empowering teams and people.
Jan is also the author of the ‘IT Strategy Cards‘, a publication that facilitates the design of powerful and future-proof IT strategies.

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