Preparing for the
digital economy

We work with you to optimize your organization,
driving smart ideas and pragmatic solutions.

Smart organisations
spur innovation

We help to get the most out of your organisation
while keeping costs under control.

It all starts with a future-proof Digital roadmap

A strategy focusses on how your organisation will achieve its mission. We draw a digital roadmap that describes how the use of information and digital technology will be crucial in achieving your goals.

We recommend opportunities that information and technology can provide, and indicate the threats it may create. We work with you on a realistic digitalisation roadmap that will lead to better products & services, enhanced cost control and increased revenue.

Proposing team structures that align with your needs

New types of teams, from cross-collaborative over ad-hoc to self-steering, are envisaged for increasing flexibility and ability to respond swiftly to sudden industry changes.

We look at peoples skills, expertise and strengths to optimize teams and indicate which project-based groups should be formed to achieve objectives and create the dynamic that is required to respond to fast changing situations.

Reducing costs and investing in what really matters

We focus on reducing fixed costs and shift investments towards more innovative initiatives that offer real value.

We analyse your IT spending and indicate how more means can be pushed towards strategic and innovative projects and less to infrastructure and transactional systems.

We categorize your IT costs into different asset classes to ensure these get managed in a more cost conscious and optimal way. We help organisations to increasingly opt for cloud solutions, moving from fixed costs to variable pay-per-use costs.

Introducing an optimal technology mix

Innovation has become a main driver for growth and should be part of an organisation’s DNA, putting emerging technologies on the radar in a constant search for innovating products and services.

We integrate your IT applications with the latest cloud tools into a digital ecosystem that is less complex to manage, costs less and offers better results.

One-year-long expert advice

A continuous lifeline for advice and assistance, year in, year out
  • Feasibility studies: restructuring, platform integrations, mergers, …
  • Second opinions: purchases, reorganisations, acquisitions, …
  • Alternative options: digital roadmaps, technology choices, …
  • Decision validations: vendor and product selections, …
  • Expert evaluations: architecture, application landscape, technology choices, …

Our unique advice-as-a-service will unburden you thanks to continuous expert advice at a fixed yearly fee. Xperian’s experts cover a wide range of IT domains and assist in your day-to-day challenges, year in, year out.


We are an independent advisor, not linked to any vendor and strongly believe in building a long-term partnership in which you can entrust us with the most delicate IT matters.

Online Strategy Workshop

Organisation and moderation of your online Strategy workshop

With everybody working from home, classical workshops or strategy meetings are less easy to organise and turn them successful. Too important to postpone though, so we organise and moderate your online IT strategy workshops based on our IT Strategy Cards.


Our tried and tested offer consists of:

  • A box with Xperian’s IT Strategy Cards delivered to every participant’s home address.
  • Online introduction meeting with stakeholders to capture expectations and requirements for the strategy workshop.
  • Online workshop (Zoom, Teams, Skype…) of 8 hours divided over multiple sessions according to your availability and planning (maximum 10 people).
  • Access to our online Strategy tool for every workshop participant.
  • A final report with participant’s input, consolidated view, recommendations and final strategy document.
  • Board strategy presentation, if required.

Total cost: €3.300 excl VAT.

Please contact us for more details.

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About Xperian

Xperian was founded in 1987 and is specialised in optimising IT organisations since 2013. We have grown steadily towards a team of experts with a broad IT domain expertise and in-depth knowledge.

Our long-time IT management experience bridges different industries resulting in a pragmatic, tried-and-tested approach. Xperian’s services are modular and comprehensive offering instant result.


Our multi-disciplinary advisory team of 7 senior experts, each with a thorough expertise in their respective IT domain, addresses your challenges and formulates alternative perspectives and multiple options, often leading to more cost-conscious decisions and choices.


Our strengths:

  • Multi-disciplinary team with complementary knowledge
  • Cross-industry management experience
  • In-depth and broad IT domain expertise
  • Modular, tried-and-tested solutions
  • Clear and effective recommendations

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