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Digital Innovation in Financial Services

We advise on digital innovation and help optimise products, maximise margins, and amplify value. We design digital services, platforms and solutions.
  1. Understanding the potential to drive future growth and creating a best-in-class digital experience to fully exploit the opportunities of the digital economy.
  2. Identifying services, business functions and processes that are not yet fully digitally supported, as a basis for spotting new business opportunities.
  3. Combining tools, applications, data and AI into a solution architecture is an effective way to exceed internal and external customer expectations.
  4. New concepts of operating models are envisaged to create the dynamic and agility to respond to ever faster changing market situations.
  5. Shift costs to what really matters and reinforce the core of your business. Embracing more strategic and innovative investments.
  6. A realistic action plan for improved services describing the use of information and digital technology with tangible, intermediate results.

Business consultants for banking

Xperian assists across multiple domains in financial services

Our knowledge and experience span multiple domains in banking which allows our consultants to respond swiftly and appropriately to your needs. We are familiar with your challenges and how to approach these. Our consultants identify opportunities resulting in a pragmatic actions that will better serve your organisation as well as your customers and will lead to improved operations and services.


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Programme and Change Management

Innovation and change have become main drivers for growth and part of each organisation’s DNA. Our programme and change managers are on a constant search to further improve your internal organisation, operating model and processes.

Xperian’s programme and change managers focus on objectives and apply a result-oriented approach. They are experienced in managing and motivating teams and like to take the responsibility and ownership of defining and executing strategies.

With an extensive background in improvement programmes and Banking, they successfully set up and manage innovative change programmes, assume P&L responsibility, budgeting and ROI forecasting.


Who are we?

A multi-disciplinary team providing expertise in the banking and financial services industry
  • 1
    A trusted partner and advisor

    We are in for the long run and think ahead, together with our customers.

  • 2
    Focussed on your best interest

    We put our customers first and always strive for their maximum benefit

  • 3
    Addressing your challenges

    We do not avoid challenges, in fact they are our cup of tea

  • 4
    Reinforcing your internal team

    We work with you as one single team, a team you can count on.

  • 5
    Guaranteed vendor independent

    We act in full transparency and have no strings attached


We rely on enthousiast associates, each expert in their field. Our consultants share a can-do-mentality and are motivated to assist you with even your most difficult challenges. They focus on solutions rather than problems and think in terms of value they can bring.


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Chief Transformation Office: ‘I appreciated a lot working with Xperian, you have been of great help to take an elevator vision on the key topics to deal with, their interactions, and their planification in holistic roadmaps. You also supported us a lot in the stabilization of the run activities, and business now recognizes a huge improvement in the daily performance.’

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